What we do

We show designers, makers and artisan businesses how to elevate their Handmade Craft, to go from unseen to visible in the high-end sector

We pave the way

Wonderfully Well Made is a Brand Visibility and Storytelling Advisory Studio that equips independent designers, makers and artisan business owners with the tools and knowledge needed to position, package and present their work as premium, high-end or luxury in order to attract and sell their work to discerning customers, retail buyers and collectors.

We do this through…

Our Signature Courses & Resources

If you want to start a high-end handmade craft brand or up-level your existing craft brand, raise your profile, access global markets, sell higher-priced statement craft pieces alongside your more affordable collections, secure gallery representation, or show at a prestigious design & craft fair or exhibition our range of courses & resources are thoughtfully-crafted to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to elevate the way you present your craftwork, without compromising your artistic integrity.

Explore our offerings

Expertly Crafted On-Demand Courses

Whether you are thinking about transforming your craft and creativity into a business or looking to expand into new, high-end markets our tailor-made series of on-demand, self-paced branding and storytelling courses and guides are designed to meet you at your point of need.

The Library

The Library is the place to find a collection of free and affordable downloadable resources, guides and workbooks, designed to ease the process of elevating your craft brand and making your creations more visible.

it’s time to elevate the visibility of your craftwork