If you’re ready to accelerate the visibility of your work and profile…

Let’s get you noticed

does this sound familiar?

Flicking through a magazine you come across an editorial featuring a selection of beautiful finely crafted products. You immediately think my object would have been perfect for the round-up while asking yourself why is it your peers always seem to get these opportunities? What are they doing that you’re not? You’re craving press coverage not because you want to be the next social star, but because you appreciate the opportunities being seen can bring by getting your work in front of your right audience. You’ve followed all the advice being dished out, you’re posting regularly on your platforms but no matter what you try it’s like you’re invisible.

No one seems to know you exist.

It’s as though there’s a secret to getting press coverage that everyone except you is in on.

Here is what you need to know

Stop waiting for journalists to find you. You need to contact them to let them know that you exist. Journalists are always looking for stories from new and established makers, designers, artisans, and craftspeople. And in their fast-paced, deadline-driven environment contacting a journalist rather than waiting for them to spot and contact you makes life easier for them.

Journalists want to hear from you!
‘That’s well and good’ I hear you say, but how exactly do I go about contacting journalists And Getting Press Features? What do I need to do?

We hear you, contacting journalists can be intimidating. However, if you want the type of accelerated visibility media coverage can bring to your work and income-earning potential it is something you are going to have to find the courage to do because done right getting featured in the press increases your visibility, raises awareness about you and your work and brings you in front of your desired audience.

And by right we don’t mean following a rigid formula. Instead by creating a process that works for you. A process that lets your authentic true self shine through, and makes those journalists you are pitching to want to feature you.

We know all too well that as a startup or growing business owner you may not have the budget to hire a PR or marketing professional with the contacts to get you featured in the press. The good news is that it is not necessary to hire someone at this stage. Securing press coverage is something you can do yourself with the right approach.

That said journalists have high expectations and you need to meet their demanding standards. A half-thought-out pitch is not going to cut it. The more popular the magazine, newspaper or platform the busier the inboxes meaning you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. Quality, professionalism and presentation all count towards a successful pitch.

So, if you are serious about getting press coverage

let us introduce…

Pitch to Press:

How to get media coverage for your fine craft & design business

Pitch to Press Unlocks the methods to Winning those coveted Press Features.

Pitch to Press guides you through the proven actions you need to take to make your business visible. The course is based on my real-life experiences as a business owner sending out press releases and as a writer and editor who asks for and receives press releases from other business owners. Pitch to Press shares getting press coverage from both sides of the process to give you an insider’s advantage that puts you ahead of your peers.


The essential steps to securing press coverage for your work.



  • Open a magazine and saw your product on a page alongside other exceptional brands
  • Know exactly what to put in your press pitches, meaning no more guesswork
  • Receive yet another notification alerting you to the fact that you’ve had another press feature
  • Sell a piece from your collection to a customer who saw it in a feature and just had to have it
  • Get requests for interviews
  • Be contacted by a gallery interested in representing you

The course modules


An Introduction to Public Relations

This module helps you get to grips with what PR is and how it can benefit your business.


Getting Started with Press Releases

This module guides you through planning your PR strategy and creating a press release to send out to journalists


Pitching for Press Coverage

This module explains a pitch and how it differs from a press release.


The Pitching Process

In this module, you will be guided through the process of creating a pitch and identifying the right journalist to send your pitch to.


Sending Your Press Release or Press Pitch

This module will guide you through the expected etiquette when sending press releases and pitches.


BONUS MODULE: Media and Press Kits

Press and Media Kits are must-haves for ensuring consistent messaging. This bonus module will show you how to create your own kits.


“I’m so happy [with] the first press … for Frida-54, thank you so much….”

Edith Tialeu
founder, Frida 54

Pitch to Press is currently closed for enrollment

Benefits of getting press coverage

  • Getting featured in the press increases your work’s visibility, and raises awareness about you and your business.
  • It brings you in front of your desired audience and customers.
  • Getting your work featured in the press or sharing your expertise by appearing on someone else’s platform is a great way to grow your reputation and get you noticed in a crowded sector.
  • Creates a snowball effect of other journalists finding out about you and contacting you themselves.
  • Is free advertising- just think of not having to do expensive Facebook or Instagram ads.
Just think in less than half a day you could have a professional pitch ready to go.

Who is this course for?

This is right for you if you…

  • Would like to get the right press coverage for your business and products but need help to get started and do it properly
  • Feel you would benefit from a step by step process with templates and checklists to get you on the righ track
  • Want insider info on how journalists work, what they look for, and how to get their attention
  • Want to approach journalists with confidence
  • Are ready to get your first piece of press

This is not for you if you…

  • Prefer the challenge of doing and finding things out for yourself, no matter how long it takes you to do so
  • Are looking to build your business using shortcut solutions without putting in the work, time and effort needed to properly promote your work
  • Already receive press coverage and have good relationships with journalists and media platforms
  • Are still figuring out your business so are not ready for press coverage just yet

How it works

Pitch to Press is an immediate start, self-study course that gives you the freedom to work through each step at your own pace. You will benefit from:

Immediate Start

The lessons are available as soon as you purchase giving you the luxury of working through the tailor-made content at your own time and pace, meaning if you are working a full-time job or have a busy family life the course can fit around your responsibilities.

Workbook & Templates

Where relevant the lessons in each module come with downloadable workbooks, exercises, templates, and checklists so that you can turn your ideas and thoughts into action as you work your way through the course content.

1 Year Access

The course is open for limited periods throughout the year, however, once you’ve enrolled you will have one year’s access to the course content from the time of enrollment. This means you can return to the content whenever you need to during this period.

MEET Your Tutor

Hello there,

I’m Tapiwa Matsinde, a London-based author, writer, curator, and mentor, and founder of Wonderfully Well Made. I research and write about exceptional craft and design from around the world. As a journalist writing and curating articles for publications such as House & Garden has given me insight into what journalists are looking for.

I have helped designers-makers get their first piece of press, and know just how special, and transformative a moment that can be because press coverage has been an important part of my entrepreneurial journey. I understand the impact press can have on a small business’s visibility. The doors it can open, the opportunities it can bring. I have been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and the press I have received for my work and books has brought me the kind of visibility I have needed to uplevel my career and bring my work to the attention of organisations such as Homo Faber.

Having experienced both sides of the pitching process I understand exactly what journalists expect and what business owners need to do to meet their expectations. I share all in Pitch to Press.

frequently asked questions

Pitch to Press is an entry-level course designed for artisans, designers, makers, craftspeople, and artisan business owners wanting to get media coverage for their work and business.

The course can be read straight through in approx: 2-3 hours. However each Module has worksheets and exercises for you to do, and to complete them properly will require a commitment of a few hours of your time. On average it takes 1 week to complete the course.

When the course opens for enrollment you will have 1 year’s access to the course content and materials*. *Should the course be retired you will be given plenty of notice.

The workbooks and materials are designed to be printed off and filled in by hand or can be filled in digitally using Acrobat Reader, which you can download here for free:

As with anything you do the more focus and attention you put in and show up to do the work the more you will get out of it and increase your chances of success. There are no guarantees and it would be remiss of me to promise otherwise.

Pitch to Press is designed to be self-paced, rather than through dedicated 1-to-1 guidance. The course is designed in such a way as to make the lessons self-explanatory giving you the confidence to put what you learn into practice straight away. Support comes in the form of Workbooks, exercises, blog posts, and exclusive newsletter content, you will need to be signed up to the mailing list to receive notifications.

We occasionally offer a limited number of 1-to-1 mentoring sessions throughout the year. If you would like to find out more please refer to this page for further details.

Pitch to Press comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Should you purchase the course and find that it is not right for you, you will need to contact me to work out a resolution. You will be required to present proof showing that you have made an effort to do the work and exercises. If you are unsure if the course is right for you or if have any questions please do contact us to discuss your needs before purchasing.