We are

A Brand Visibility and Storytelling Advisory Studio for Independent Designers, Makers, Artists and Artisan Businesses


To help independent designers, makers and artisan brands confidently position and sell their craftwork in the premium and high-end collectible craft & design sectors without compromising their creative integrity.

Our specialism lies in the world of premium and high-end collectible craft and design

A world that to the uninitiated can come across as intimidating and unwelcoming. This is why Wonderfully Well Made exists, to help pave the way for creatives whose craftworks align with the sector’s expectations to establish themselves in the sector. And, to do so confidently.

Based on our founder’s knowledge of working in this industry as a brand specialist, writer, curator and maker business owner we have experienced first-hand how hard it can be to get a foot in the door, to get craftwork seen at this demanding level. Our experiences have shown us that talent alone is not enough, the reality is that promotion and perceptions matter too, but…

it matters to us that this is always done with authenticity and integrity

We draw on our extensive knowledge and experiences

Wonderfully Well Made stands on the firm foundations of over two decade’s worth of experience in branding and storytelling for prestigious, top-tier corporate and cultural organisations.

Experience that gets distilled into our services

Our Values

We’re a business built on the foundations of…


We strive to be the best at what we do and encourage others to do the same, by taking care and giving attention to detail in all areas of our work, and honouring the principles of ‘true luxury‘*.


We understand the power connections bring in leading to collaboration and life-changing opportunities, so we seek to bring people together for the mutual benefit of individuals and communities.


Integrity matters to us, we have a people-first approach by recognising and respecting the people behind their work, listening and cultivating a spirit of generosity by sharing our time, gifts and what we know with others.


We recognise that every decision we make will impact someone, so we strive to ensure our impact is positive, in turn empowering others with the ability to show up and create an impact with their work.


We seek to know the who, why and how behind the craft, and our business depends on what we know and can teach, so we are lifelong learners, researching information, exploring ideas, and learning from experiences to deliver the best we can.

*We believe in the principles of true luxury – a standard of luxury that is not defined solely by price, but rather by the ‘money can’t buy’ attributes of honouring time, skills, people, experiences, and emotional connections, in doing so recognising craftsmanship and the artisan lie at the heart of luxury production.

“We help you get comfortable with presenting and selling your craftwork at a high level.”

Wonderfully Well Made

Our founder



Tapiwa Matsinde, a London-based independent curator, author, and brand visibility mentor, specialises in global craft and design, with special knowledge of makers in Africa. Beyond curation, Tapiwa is a cultural connector who passionately bridges diverse cultures within the creative sphere by linking organisations, retailers, designers, and makers. Tapiwa is a contributor to the Homo Faber Guide and the founder of atelier 55, an award-winning digital platform fostering global recognition for African crafters and designers.

A prolific content creator, Tapiwa blogs, writes articles, and authored the groundbreaking book ‘Contemporary Design Africa’. In the auditory realm, Tapiwa hosts the ‘Behind The Design’ podcast, amplifying voices in African design. Leveraging two decades of premium and luxury brand industry experience, Tapiwa mentors makers to enhance visibility and has conducted workshops for notable organisations like Cockpit. She has served as a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women programme.