Start a Craft & Design Business

A free workbook introducing designers, makers, and artisan business owners to the need-to-know aspects of starting a creative business.

Ready to transform your creativity into a properly planned business?

Starting a business requires thinking like a business person.

As a creative invested in honing your craft you put a lot of time, effort and energy into bringing your ideas to life, don’t let poor business planning scupper your dreams of earning a living doing what you love.

This workbook introduces you to the important areas of starting a business that every creative needs to know.

this is the Essential guide for you If you…
  • Are committed to doing what it takes to create a successful business
  • Want to do things right from the start by putting the proper foundations in place
  • Don’t have the first clue about running a business and want to get an idea of what is involved to see if its the right step for you
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