Heartfelt Branding

A free workbook guiding you through the 3 need-to-know elements to craft a brand that reflects the heart, soul & service of your work, and create meaningful connections with your desired customers.

A brand is a reflection of your work.

If you are attracting the wrong customers, or no customers at all The signs are pointing to your brand not connecting.

As a maker invested in the success of your business you put a lot of time, effort and energy into crafting your products, don’t let your branding let you down.

This workbook guides you through some practical tweaks that you can implement to create a brand that truly reflects your work’s heart, soul & service.

this is the Essential guide for you If…
  • What you create and how you present it feels out of alignment
  • You want to infuse more Heart, Soul, & Service into your business
  • You want to attract, then create meaningful connections with your right customers
  • You want to cultivate a spirit of generosity in your brand
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