The Makers Guide to Confidently Selling High-End Handmade Crafts

Learn how to get comfortable with positioning and selling your handmade crafts in the high-end, collectible craft and design sector without compromising your artistic integrity

If you want to sell your handmade crafts to high-end collectors but lack the confidence

Get ready to elevate your handmade crafts and reach new heights in the high-end craft and design world

Creating statement high-end objects can be a great addition to a maker’s product portfolio, however, many makers who want to create and sell high-end statement pieces often find themselves pulling back because they either feel intimidated or that somehow they will compromise their artistic integrity.

If moving into the high-end craft and design sector is something you want to do but lack the confidence or know-how this workbook will help you get there.

this is the Essential guide for you If you…
  • Want to position your business in the high-end and collectible craft & design sector
  • Want to add higher-priced pieces alongside your more affordable collections
  • Need to feel confident and comfortable about charging high prices
  • Feel intimidated at the thought of selling your creations to affluent customers
  • Are afraid of compromising your artistic integrity

What you get

  • 43-pages packed with proven, actionable strategies
  • Examples inspired by real-life makers to help you navigate the high-end craft and design world while staying true to your artistic vision
  • Exercises and prompts to encourage you to put the presented strategies into practice

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